The Actionable Tips For Resellers To Sell SSL

We know that from this July, Google has started showing No Secure warning in Chrome’s address bar for non-HTTPS sites. While a lot has been written on the implications of this decision on the businesses, we would concentrate this post on how can resellers utilize this opportunity to enhance the sales of SSL certificate thus helping your end clients, internet users and entire internet ecosystem. Yes, Mr. Reseller, we are talking with you! So, here are several actionable tips that can help you enjoy the maximum benefit out of the present opportunity.

Educate your visitors

Always remember, those who have visited your site are most possibly half prepared to spend on web hosting products. So by investing just a few more efforts, you can encourage them to upgrade a bit and add SSL certificates to their shopping list. Here’s how:

  • Educate: It is easiest to sell your products to a well-informed client. Otherwise, why will a client buy the product without knowing its value?

  • Educating your clients on SSL certificate: What is it, how to get one and why do they need it- is secondary.  First tell them about its business implications in short and crisp, power-packed 2-liners (or maybe 5-liners- no hard and fast rule!). Here’s what it will comprise:
  • Eye Catchy Title (5 words at the most!): Start with a quick alert message that contains specifications like time, impact and harm it can do if they don’t buy SSL- keep it crisp, compressed and concentrated!
  • 2 Line texts on for quick relief: Dettol feels best just when you apply it on the bleeding cut! Do the same thing here. You have alarmed them. Now relieve them. Make them feel that they can still be saved or rather you can save them!
  • Tell your product and service: Now you can trigger and shot at the target. What's that? Just tell them that you are authorized SSL provider who can also install it and confirm that it is working fine.
  • Pricing: That is the last, decisive part of the pitch. Limited period discounts prompt the purchase. Tell them that you are offering special discounts on the certificates till a specific date “especially for them”. This “for you, only” message is generally Fake...as we all know! Regardless it works…..so no harm in using this!

Positioning: Bottom Right

Presentation: Single column

For better impact

  • Use it as a pop-up with a quick alarming beep
  • A 5-7 word Marquee message on the top telling audience to see popup if they don’t want to lose clients and ranking
Add a separate page for SSL certificates

In the above example, you can also add Read more button in case if the customer wants to know more. If not anything having, a separate page on SSL can help you add most keywords effortlessly and organically! That is the main reason for dedicating a page to SSL.

  • Right now a large number of clients are looking for SSL certificates and with some SEO efforts, you can certainly multiply the chances of increasing the sales.

  • Having separate SSL certificate page also allows you to keep on updating the SSL related and use your existing relevant blogs to direct people to that page to make a quick purchase.
  • It helps you to bring your clients into the dedicated territory or SSL zone where there are no other products or content to divert their attention. By captivating their focused attention it can be easier for you to sell them the SSL certificates.

So you see that in the first example we first educate and then advertise, right? Well, it is just partially right! Advertising needs a separate more concentrated approach. Here is the way you can advertise full-fledged:

By using various banners and ads you are already advertising various products that you sell but don’t mix the class with the masses. SSL is the class product that you are selling. Invest concentrated efforts on its advertising. Here's how to do that:

  • Prime Visibility: Give SSL a prime visibility on your site! Allow it to shadow everything else! Patting is not the same as punching. That's your target- punch in the face! Don’t get it wrong though- we are talking about the clients' psychology, not the client himself! There are various elements of the advertising that boosts its impact!
  • Highlight: Highlight your ad with apt color. Prefer bright over light! Brighter the shade, louder the impact! Worry not if the resolution seems a bit sharp for the retina. You don’t have to soothe the retina but to grab the eyeballs and disturb the attention! Secondly, you need to concentrate on the psychological impact of the colors. Different colors have a different effect on the psychology. You don’t need to be a psychology expert for that. Just think about the most appropriate colors to pop up the favorable emotions. It is a no-brainer that you have to use different colors for highlighter and text. Make sure that your text should pop out- looking customers in the face.
  • Fonts: Fonts also leave a great impact on the psychology. You get a sharp feeling (“Lemme do it quick!”) when reading a text in time New Roman with the sharp edge. But if you are reading the text in Calibri with smooth edges it soothes your retina and allows you to chisel the content leisurely. Your takeaway here is to choose the best combination of font style and size. Choose the font and size that is definitive and promises quick impact. The best thing is that here you have the added advantage of a small volume of words that allow you to use heavy, large sized fonts without worrying about the space!

  • Words are the most important element! You need to use the words that leave just the right impact. Maximum impact in minimum time is your motto. Instruct your audience and guide them...don’t explain.

  • Use creativity wisely. Start with something that is out and put creative - something that tickles, bring out the giggles or leave them startled. That's the bait.

  • The next portion contains the major part. Tell them how you can benefit them and what their takeaway is. Here use commanding voice, trigger the action.

  • An ad is not the same as a blog. You have to be quick, explain less and impact more.
  • Make your ad interactive and allow it to close the deal or transfer it to you. The third thing is to give them the tool or show them the route! A Buy Now button can encourage clients to buy the product then and there no attention erosion to be scared of. Also, give them know more option for undecided clients. A single box form asking the clients mail is enough- quick neat and without worries! That's the advertising of today.
Use the right terms that your audience understands

SSL is not really as popular as web hosting service or domain name. Possibilities are that some people even don't know what SSL is. So make things comprehensible for them.

  • Take the technical thing out and present it as a plain “Security Certificate”.

  • You may also call it a “Security Validation Option” or something that is even simpler.
  • Always remember your client might not know the technical implications or even the real meaning of different terms. Nevertheless, if you tell them in laymen's language then there are decent changes that they would go with these features.


  • Add Business or Corporate or something of the similar relevance to suggest the client that it is something useful for them.
Establish authority

People love to be convinced by authoritative figures. It is a general notion that if you are not doing as instructed by an authority figure then chances are that you might suffer. Your site is your own home where you can do anything! However, if you really have to prove your credentials then you need to start thinking out of the box (or out if your site!)

  • Guest posting is one of the best ways to ensure that. If you have the real knowledge about SSL certificate and are capable of evaluating it from different angles then why not publish guest posts on the relevant online resources and benefit the people.

  • Also, if you don’t really have any deeper knowledge about the certificate (though we strongly recommend you should acquire that!) then to you have the advantage of being a reseller.
  • Your hosting provider can be your best and most authentic resource that can happily employ its content strategists or writers for writing an SEO friendly knowledge packed guest posts for you that you can publish on various online sources.
  • Guest posting also helps you to gain SEO advantage of high ranging, heavy traffic sites and multiply your reach.
  • The best thing is such sources are read and trusted by the relevant audiences that can allow you to focus your efforts in the right direction.
  • However, you first need to ascertain the genuineness and impact of the site where you want to post. Some of the important stats like DA, PA, are important. Equally, if not more importance should be given traffic as well as it is the total traffic that ultimately decides the people who will be reading your article, More the people better the chances of conversion.
  • Once you have published the guest posts make sure to extract the maximum benefits out of the same.
  • Share it on your social medic handles and publish it in the media tab of your site. In fact, if you are writing in the context of SSL you can also use the eye catchy terms like as seen on, CEO's thoughts on SSL or Published on high profile sources. These things certainly prove you as an authority and help you gain the trust of the visitors.
  • The selling becomes easier after you have gained the trust of the visitors.
Purpose-specific Discounts

Discounts can go a long way in enhancing the chances of telling you items to the audience. However, you need to be a little creative here. 

  • Just wake up the readers by a tiny pop-up accompanies by a ticking quick voice telling people that you are offering a special limited period discount to help make the internet a safer place.

  • Now you see the power of subtlety. The tiny pop up does not disturb the audience while the small low pitched ticking voice quickly grab the attention without annoying them. And the message that you are genuinely interested in making the internet a better pace shows that you are socially committed. People like the businesses with social concerns.
  • Amplify the impact of discounts and create some graphically impressive coupons to be advertised on your social media. Again you can use the services of your parent host.
  • There are a number of discount and coupon sites across the net. But concentrate on the sites that offer coupons on web hosting services. By advertising your discount offers there you can get the advantage of hitting the clients that already have the intention to buy discounted products.

Collaborations are another powerful way of selling your SSL certificate. There are a number of services that can comfortably accommodate SSL certificate as a value-added element of their existing package. Act wisely and weigh the possibilities of collaboration before approaching any party.

  • The agencies who solely concentrate on SEO, SMO, and digital marketing can easily add SSL certificates and sell it to their existing clients, all on their own. The same is true in the case of the web designing or development companies. So do not try in that wrong direction.
  • Consider collaborating with the freelance digital industry professionals instead. We are talking about one man army. For instance, you can collaborate with freelance SEO professionals! All they have to do is to convince their SEO clients by showing SEO benefits of SSL certificate or even present it as an integral part of their updated SEO strategy to match the latest algorithm requirements and refer them to you… or sell your certificates directly to them. You can pay them a fixed commission.
  • Another and maybe even better appeal is to look for the company registration concerns how can sell your hosting packages to their clients that comprise of SSL certificates. it is more likely that the people who are already paying for registering their company name can easily be convinced to top up the price and buy a domain name + SSL certificate. In fact if possible you can design a combined package for company registration + online launching.
Digital media campaigns

Running a digital media campaign is another major way to sell your SSL certificate. Many small resellers think that it is too expensive to start their digital media campaign but the reality s different. While it is true that you should be prepared to spend leisurely for a digital campaign with deep impact, you can easily try the tentative small and short period digital campaign at very low cost.

  • In fact, if you are good with social media then you can set your own campaign.

  • As a reseller, you can also check with your host provide on how can you be a part of their running digital campaign or in another way they can help you sell the SSL products via digital campaigns.
  • It will give you threefold benefit- cost-efficiency, brand power, and result oriented campaigning.
  • Many reputed host providers invite or allow you to be a part of their running campaigns while the others can offer you the creates like soda media posts, graphics, and miniblogs prepared by their professional team that you can use for your purpose.
Seminars, Webinars, and Podcasts

One of the best ways to educate the potential client is by encouraging them to know more. It is something more than just educating over your site as we have discussed earlier. We are talking about the real education with traditional approach!

  • Running webinars is one of the easiest and most cost-effective was of leaving the best impact on your clients.
  • Think of the best ways of presentation and if need be, don’t hesitate to invest in scriptwriters.
  • The webinar will help you to concentrate deeply on the various aspects of SSL and tell the clients about the pros of having it and cons of neglecting it. Make your presentation as sharp and crisp as possible.
  • People believe stats and facts more than just statements.
  • So, do a proper research and gather the data that tells about the popularity and advantages of SSL certificate. If need be you can also take the help of your host provider.
  • By using the charts, graphs, and PPT you can further enhance the ether impact of your webinar.
  • If you think that you don’t make a good presenter then worry not you can just have your photo in the corners and ideography only the illustrations slideshows so that people will only hear your voice instead of your video/ there are various other ways of presentations like podcasting or facebook video
  • Once you have complete the presentation it is strongly advisable to post it to the social media channels add it to the blog links and also put it on the homepage of your website.
  • You can also record the presentation and send to the interested people.
  • You are arranging an offline seminar it will leave the greater impact but be careful before deciding as it requires more fund, resources, and deliberate attention/speaking qualities. Besides, not everyone has the time to visit personally. The plus point is that its easier to convince those who have physically attended the seminar with the help of one on one interaction.
  • You can also make a video of the offline seminar and popularize online to multiply the impact.
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